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Weathervane FAQs


Commonly Asked Weathervane Questions:


What is included in the weathervane?
All weathervanes include a copper figure, a brass & stainless steel rod, copper spacer balls and solid brass directionals.

How do I mount the weathervane?
The easiest and most affordable way to mount a weathervane is to use our #401AL adjustable roof mount.

What is the weathervane made of?
The weathervane figure and spacer balls are made of pure copper. The directionals are made of solid brass, and the rod is brass and stainless steel, which will ensure rust free, maintenance free enjoyment.

What is the difference between the green and the polished finish?
The green finish is referred to as "patina." This is an artificial finish applied to give the weathervane the appearance of an antique. To some people, the polished finish is more appealing. After assembly, these weathervane figures are placed on buffers to give them luster and shine.

How long will the polished finishes last?
Within one month the weathervane will lose its polished look and start to naturally tarnish on its own.

Are the weathervanes easy to assemble?
Yes, all you need is a screwdriver. Instructions are included. All the parts slide onto the rod and are secured by setscrews.

Can weathervanes be used indoors?
Yes. Our accessories include a variety of mantle bases and floor stands to help bring the beauty of a weathervane into the home.

We live by the ocean and experience strong gusts of wind. Will the weathervane fall apart?
No. We recommend that you check that your weathervane figure spins freely after installation. Each Full Size or Signature Size weathervane come standard with a brass and stainless steel rod to ensure a rust and maintenance free product.

Which of the weathervanes are most popular?
The eagle, rooster, and horse have always been favorites. These figures are designs that date back to early colonial settlement.

Which weathervane should I buy?
You should buy the weathervane that best displays your personality, or identifies the area in which you live.

If the weathervane is pointing south, does this mean that the wind is blowing from the north?
No! The weathervane figure will always point into the wind or from where the wind is blowing.

Can we just buy the weathervane figure?
Yes. These figures make beautiful decorative pieces in the home.

Where can weathervane figures be placed indoors?
Weathervanes can be placed over fireplace mantels, on window sills, over kitchen cabinets, mounted on the wall, or on a display base on the floor or hearth utilizing Good Directions' mounting and display options.

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